Are the acquisitions of Smith and Shumpert helpful?


Coming into the 2014-15 season, many people around the NBA world punched in the Cavs as basically a shoe in to be in the Finals come June, but that surely hasn’t been the case early in the season. Early on there have been chemistry issues which many knew would be a problem but also player issues, coach to player relationship issues, and also injuries have the Cavaliers currently in sixth place in a struggling Eastern Conference.

Lebron James constantly said in the beginning of the season and currently, that this team would be a work in progress, that they’re not great but has much potential. Early on with Anderson Varejao out for the season, James dealing with knee problems, and Irving having back problems, the Cavs front office felt it was time to make some moves in hopes to improve this team.

How do they do that? They get involved in a three team trade with the Knicks and the Thunder to acquire JR Smith and Iman Shumpert and send Dion Waiters to the Thunder. Many Cavs fans loved Waiters but there’s always one bad apple in the bunch and from the looks of it, it was Dion and change had to happen. Waiters does has tremendous upside and raw talent, so the Thunder aren’t getting some slouch, he is indeed a great sixth man.

With the additions of Smith and Shumpert, I feel they improved their team because not only did they get a shooter but they have two long, aggressive guards who can guard on the perimeter and make things difficult for the opposing teams top players. Also, with Shumpert, he’s one of the top young on ball defenders who takes pride in guarding the other teams best wing player, which in fact will take some pressure off of Irving and James to fill that role.

Feel free to leave comments, likes and dislikes, or opinions.

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Russell Westbrook expected to make his Return


It has been a long time coming for Westbrook and his return to playing basketball with his Thunder team. After suffering from his knee injury last season, Westbrook has been through rehab and now has been medically cleared by doctors to play Sunday night against the Phoenix Suns. Westbrook had a minor setback after he had to have another surgery which projected him to be out for the first month of the season or so. But with the toughness and heart that Westbrook has he is two weeks ahead of schedule.

Is Westbrook really 100% ready to get back on the court and compete at a high level?

Do you think he’s really anxious to get back on the court and trying to rush his way back? These questions will be answered tonight!

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Derrick Rose hits the Game-Winner in his home debut

hi-res-186503412-derrick-rose-of-the-chicago-bulls-shoots-against-tyson_crop_northEven though before the game Rose was nursing a sore neck, he still managed to hit the go ahead basket to secure a 82-81 win against the New York Knicks.
That’s what builds your résumé,” Rose said. “Leaves a mark on your legacy.”

Despite struggling in his first game back and also this game as far as shooting, Rose had the heart to take that last shot. D. Rose drove past his defender to the short right corner and shot a floater over the 7 footer Tyson Chandler and another defender. Chants of M-V-P were heard throughout the night as Rose had the ball. Rose finished with 18pts and 6reb.

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Who Do you Think Will Make it to the Final Four?


With many of the top recruits coming into college this year such as Jabari Parker, Tyler Ennis, Andrew Wiggins, Kasey Hill, Aaron and Andrew Harrison, Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon, and many others, look for this college basketball season to be more exciting than ever. By these players going o top programs in the country, it gives these colleges and universities a better chance at getting to he Final Four this year. Many of these athletes are already hot commodities for the June 2014 NBA Draft, so this is their shot at winning a college basketball championship. The teams who are likely candidates to be in the talks of getting far in March will be Kentucky, Kansas, Florida, Syracuse, UNC, Arizona, Duke, Michigan State, Louisville, and Oklahoma State. Can you believe in Kentucky were John Calipari recruited a super team full of Mcdonalds All-Americans and future lottery picks, or maybe you go with the projected number one draft pick in Andrew Wiggins and the Kansas Jayhawks, or maybe the best bet would be to go with an experienced team like Louisville or Oklahoma State. Who do you think will be in the Final Four in 2014?

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